Here's a little tutorial on How to join us on PixelSky !

First of all, you will need to download these 2 things (simply click on the link and wait a bit) :


Pixelmon 1.10.2 - 5.0.4

Once download is done, run the forge.exe, and click on OK. This step could take few minutes.

After that, open your minecraft and follow the steps :

1. Open ''Launch options''.

2. Click on ''Add new''.

3. Put the name you want, select the forge in the version and change the memory you allow to the game for an optimal result. WARNING, we recommend allowing at least 3G of memory, less than that, and your game may crash or lag a lot.

To allow more memory : Select ''JVM arguments'' and replace the value in this section ''-Xmx1G'' (the number is the memory you allow). As you can see on the picture, I've allowed 5G of memory for my game. WARNING, be sure to leave at least 1G free for your PC, less than that, and you may crash or get blue screen on your PC. 

4. Open ''News'' and select the version you just setup.

5. Click on ''Play'' and wait until forge installs. It could take few minutes. Once it's done, close your minecraft.

6. Open your ''%appdata%'' folder, click on ''.minecraft'' and open the folder named ''mods''. Drag the second file you've downloaded at the beginning (called ''pixelmon-1.10.2-....jar'') here.

To find your ''%appdata%'' folder, you will have to do a search on your PC.

7. Re-open your minecraft, pay attention on the version that is select, and launch your game. Once you are in the menu, simply choose ''Multiplayer'' and select ''Add server''.

8. Enter information of the server and press ''Done'' :

     Server Name : PixelSky

     Server Address :

9. You should see PixelSky in your server list. Double click on it and enjoy :)